Health on a Plate

…because what you put on your plate matters


Health on a Plate offers personalised wellness programmes for individuals and organisations, incorporating nutritional therapy, NLP and mindful eating to support people to wellness.

I’m a qualified nutritional therapist, registered with the British Association of Nutritional Therapy (BANT). I see individuals on a one to one basis and also develop projects with community groups.

I am developing a portfolio of articles on natural approaches to health and healthy eating and have a special interest in women’s health, children and chronic stress and depression. My website aims to offer recipes, health news and realistic advice for anyone on the journey to wellness.

I am interested in living well  – and as naturally and cheaply as possible in this modern age of crisis and recession. I help people make small changes in their lives to make a big difference to their health. And I try to walk the walk as well as talk the talk!

I live in the beautiful Pennines with my partner and two small children, who are a joyous combination of fun and hard work – although sometimes they are just hard work!

My own journey to wellness came when I suddenly became aware I’d munched my way through half a packet of chocolate digestives – ironically whilst steaming organic broccoli to feed my six month old baby. I was so exhausted, stressed and hungry, I hadn’t even been aware that’s what I was doing. I knew I really had to change. The journey has had its ups and downs, but if I can do it, then you can too.

Consequently, I have a special interest in promoting health to families – and how easy it can be to make changes to improve your health . All too often mums neglect their own health because they are so focused on their children and neglect to take care of their own needs.

My blog – Postnatal Transition – describes my journey to becoming a mother and how I have learned to be gentle with myself and see my successes as well as my struggles.


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