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Motherhood is tough

So much tougher than I ever imagined.

After the birth of my children I struggled with what I now call my postnatal transition. I found the term postnatal depression unhelpful and rather depressing – unsurprisingly. The only help I was offered was anti-depressants, which I refused point-blank to take.

But since I came to terms with the fact that most of us have a tough-at-times postnatal transition I have been a lot more forgiving of my mistakes and lapses. And substantially happier.

My dream is to develop a project to help other mothers navigate the post natal transition period by offering them support and space – to create, to choose, to simply be.

That’s why I have set up my postnatal transition blog and am applying for funding to develop my vision of helping mothers through their post natal transition time, however it unfolds.


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